A short welcome note from the owner of Poas Volcano Lodge...

Fantastic. Architecture.


I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a little about Poas Vocano Lodge and its history.

We arrived in Costa Rica in 1970, from the UK, (via Lima where we lived for a year), and instantly fell in love with this very spot, which was shown to us early one clear morning. We built the house using local craftsmen and materials – stone and timber. The materials were brought in by ox and cart from the entrance of the farm as there was no road to the house. Our four children grew up here and my wife started the school: we were very much part of the local community, and continue to be so.

When we moved back to England in the early 1980’s, our home was transformed into a bed & breakfast and steadily evolved into a mountain lodge. In early 2009 we decided to remodel and expand Poas Volcano Lodge.  Carazo Architects were appointed to come up with a new and exciting design; expanding it and creating new spaces, including new rooms overlooking Poas Volcano, the main attraction of the area.

Carazo Architects, pioneers of sustainable architecture in Costa Rica, set out to re-use as much as possible of the old material of the original Lodge, including any stone, wood and flooring that could be salvaged. One of the main features of the new design is the purity of the materials which can be admired in the beautiful spaces within the Lodge.

We feel remarkably lucky to be situated in this area of outstanding natural beauty. We have trails going through virgin cloud forest on our farm, and sit on the edge of the Poas National Park which surrounds one of Costa Rica’s top natural attractions, Poas Volcano. A twenty minute drive away, Poas volcano has one of the world’s largest craters 1.5 km in diameter, and is a sight to behold.

At Poas Volcano Lodge we believe the interaction between the lodge, its local neighbours, and surrounding eco-system promotes positive sustainable tourism to the area. Purchasing everything locally when possible, hiring local staff combined with environmental stewardship set a healthy, welcoming, and authentic Costa Rica travel destination for adventurous and caring visitors.

On behalf of the Cannon family and the staff at Poas Volcano Lodge, we welcome you and wish you a happy and enjoyable stay,